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Special regard for families

We are a family with special regard for families.

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22 January 2024
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The voice of our guests...

It is well known that the Romagna Riviera is unsurpassed in terms of family services and this hotel certainly meets the standards! We really liked the availability of all the staff, almost without having to ask they provide you with the necessary things for those with small children (for example bed rail, booster seat for children, bathroom stool, changing table....). The play area is really nice, with a nice variety of games to play, even for adults (e.g. ping pong). We really liked the cuisine, I think most of the foods are more than fresh, the dishes are varied (land, sea and vegetarian every day) and plentiful, from breakfast to dinner! Also, it shouldn't be taken for granted, the coffee is excellent here, even from the breakfast machine! We certainly recommend it, excellent for families with the most varied needs
– Anna T.